What to bring to the wellness center ... all our tips!

It's time to pack for your wellness weekend in Val di Fassa and you do not know what to bring?

All week in the office, grappling with emails, meetings and last-minute urgencies ...

But luckily there is the weekend in the mountains between sauna, turkish bath, whirlpools, emotional showers and a nice massage of your choice ... everything in Val di Fassa at the Cima Dodici Hotel! You will surely be able to find the right psychophysical balance to regenerate at high altitude in view of a new week full of commitments.

And if you do not know what to pack for the romantic weekend of wellness ... follow our advice!

Swimsuit, eye not to forget it

And 'probably the boss that you can not forget before a nice weekend in couple in the wellness center in Val di Fassa: we are talking about the swimsuit. In wondering what to bring to a spa for a weekend, in fact, the costume must necessarily represent the first element of the list. In moving between a relaxing sauna, a detox steam bath and a relaxing whirlpool, you must feel comfortable and for this reason the swimsuit must be practical and not bulky.

Bathrobe and towels: the goal is to always have dry skin

The bathrobe is another of the objects to remember for those who are thinking about the essential elements to pack for a weekend in the mountains in the wellness center.

Thanks to the bathrobe, in fact, it is possible to move comfortably between the various steps of the wellness program without the risk of getting cold. You can also consider renting it directly at the Cima Dodici hotel for € 7.00 per person.

But be careful: treatment after treatment the bathrobe will tend to get wet a lot, even for the humid temperatures that traditionally characterize a spa.

For this reason it is good to have clean and warm towels, which you will find inside our wellness center, useful especially during a weekend in couple, since the bathrobe from one day to the next really makes it hard to dry out. Therefore, use the towels to dry your hair and legs, and use the robe as a cover for the trunk and arms.

Creams and oils: a panacea for your body

Spending a romantic weekend at the spa means regenerating, detaching from everyday life and the stress of the work week, allowing yourself a two days in which relaxation and beauty are the masters.

For this reason, when we think about what to bring in a wellness center, we must never forget the products for the body: many treatments that you will undergo already provide the application of essential oils and benefits for energy recovery and physical tonicity, but do not be afraid to abound!

A moisturizer or body lotion, after undergoing a wellness program, is a panacea for the skin. In fact, massages are perfect for stimulating the circulation and the correct functioning of the tissues so the application of a moisturizing or purifying cream is really a good tip to keep the spa path even more lasting.

Weekend as a couple? It's time to enjoy the evening ...

After beauty treatments and massages, you can not miss a good candlelit dinner on a romantic weekend ... The Casari family and the Christian chef of the Cima Dodici hotel are waiting for you in the evening for a good dinner at the restaurant hotel with delicious dishes and authentic flavors ...

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