Attività in alta quota con bambini

Activities for families and children in high altitude

Fassa Valley contains many opportunities to enjoy an active holiday, in the summer as well as in the winter, with the well-being of family and children. Every day you can enjoy the services offered by the Cima Dodici hotel for families, paying close attention to children. But the valley of Fassa, throughout the year, has many places for activities, even for the little ones.

In the heart of the Dolomites, you will find plenty of experience dedicated to young and old, to reappear the precious time that is hard to devote to people who love, cause work and a thousand commitments throughout the year.


If you and your children love fun, adrenaline and sports, you are right in the right place! Your children at the Fassa Valley Acropark park will be able to climb ropes, ponies and ropes, real nature heroes like Tarzan!

The trails last for an average of 30 to 60 minutes and are designed for everyone: big, young, old, obviously in normal physical conditions. Each of you will be provided with an individual Protection Device, that is, a security kit that will explain before starting the path.


The Paveneggio Natural Park at the Pale di Sa Martino is about 55 minutes from the Hotel Cima Dodici in Vigo di Fassa and is really a great opportunity to enjoy days of relaxation between the fauna and flora of the Dolomites.

Inside the park are always organized concerts, cultural meetings, events and workshops for children and families, excursions and stories to let you know the park and all the plants and animals that live there. Inside there is also a large enclosure that encloses in itself many deer, the kings of mountain nature and forests.

Inside the Paveneggio Natural Park you will also find the ideal paths for walks with small children, being semi-boring, immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Dolomites, and you will reach Colbricòn's lakes in a short time, about 40 minutes. If you wish, you can choose to continue to other trails reported by the CAI, reaching San Martino di Castrozza, where you can return to the park and Passo Rolle via the bus line.


During your summer week in the valley of Fassa, you can spend a day riding a bicycle or mountain bike riding in serenity, even with your children, watching the enchanting landscapes and enjoying picnics and lunches in Lodge or shelter.

Starting directly from Hotel Cima Dodici in Vigo di Fassa, you can reach the ideal paths and paths for a day on the mountain bike.

Biking trail of the Dolomites of Fiemme and Fassa

Among the most interesting routes in the valley of Fassa, starting from our hotel, you can go on the cycle path of the Dolomites of Fiemme and Fassa. It is also suitable for holidays with children and families, alternating with bridges, crossing the woods and crossing the pastures. Throughout the path, you will find many playgrounds for your kids and rest areas where you can have a snack or picnic.

The convenience of this route, the cycle track of the Dolomites of Fiemme and Fassa, is also the possibility to go back with the bike thanks to the Bike Express: it is a coach also equipped to carry mountain bikes running 3 daily races every day of the week.

In the valley of Fassa, however, there are many theme parks for all children who love bicycle and mountain biking.

Skillpark in Canazei: this is an easy path with walkways and jumps,

Carezza Trail for the most experienced and bigger children: 4.4 km long, with a gradient of 500 meters, an average slope of 11 percent and numerous parabolic and banked turns. At the start of the trail there is also a small park for jumping and stunts with mountain bikes.

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