Salmon with salt, flavored with dill, with pineapple carpaccio

Spinach flan with “San Nicolò” cheese fondue

Salted meat tartar with Grana Trentino flakes and aromatic bread

Potato strudel, speck and cheese, with vegetable cream

Speck and cheese dumpling, on a bed of cabbage, with melted butter and sage

Polenta dumplings with white veal ragout

Goulash Suppe (vegetable soup with beef, seasoned with paprika)

Cutlets of semolina semolina, with Genoese pesto and Argentine Brandy shrimp

“Ciajoncie da fighi” fig ravioli, a typical Ladin dish, with pears in red wine, hazelnut butter and poppy seeds

Saddle of rabbit with thyme, on a bed of potatoes and porcini mushrooms

Salmon trout fillet, au gratin with potatoes and crunchy vegetables, in extra virgin olive oil

Tomino wrapped in speck, grilled, with soft potatoes and pears sautéed in butter

Fresh ricotta, with pears cooked in red wine and caramelized onion jam with balsamic vinegar

Lamb, flavored with garlic and rosemary, with leaf spinach and reduction of its sauce

Eggnog mousse

Panna cotta with berries

"Palpiton biellese", pear, cocoa and amaretto pie, on creme al mou

Apple fritters, with granulated sugar and cinnamon