Ladin traditions in the kitchen

When visiting the Val di Fassa you cannot miss a taste of the typical local cuisine. Despite the importation of many international dishes and flavors, the Val di Fassa always manages to encapsulate local traditions and aromas, always in great demand by the valley's guests.
The Ladin gastronomy has been able to grasp the increasingly considerable need to offer genuine and original products to an attentive and increasingly demanding public. Recovering the tradition and the "grandmother's recipes" the chef of the hotel Cima Dodici succeeds every day to make appreciate the flavors of the Val di Fassa, genuine and gratifying to the many tourists who visit Trentino. The dumplings, the gnochs, or the gnocchi with spinach and ricotta, the goulash, the bales with speck ... just some of the typical dishes belonging to this cuisine so linked to the Trentino region. Like many valleys in the Alps, the Fassa Valley has also developed a culinary culture strongly based on local products. The economic impossibility, but also the logistics of buying non-native ingredients in distant times, has given Ladin cuisine simple and enveloping dishes and specialties. The Ladin population has succeeded in transforming the precious gifts of the earth into unique traditional dishes in the world that have been so proudly passed down to the present day.
A journey through flavors in a perfect combination of past and future

Every day the chef in the kitchen of the Cima Dodici hotel, offers healthy and genuine dishes, in a magical encounter between traditional recipes and new, delicious ideas. The ingredients chosen are always fresh, top quality, just to satisfy even the most demanding palates.