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MTB itineraries in Val di Fassa

Active mountain bike holidays in Trentino Alto Adige

The Dolomites offer themselves to bicycle enthusiasts in all possible forms: from a family excursion to a trip to high altitude, from a day without a car to the Dolomite passes of the Sellaronda tour.

Who said that Val di Fassa can only be discovered by car or on foot?

There are many itineraries to follow even on your mountain bike! The simpler routes are also suitable for families with children and wind their way through the valley floor between Vigo di Fassa and the other neighboring villages; while the more challenging routes are found between the peaks of the Dolomites and at high altitudes.

The most suitable period for mountain bike excursions is from June to the beginning of October.
"Sella Ronda Bike Day"

For road bike enthusiasts, an opportunity not to be missed is the Sellaronda Bike Day, a day entirely dedicated to sport and bike lovers who can enjoy a day at high altitude in the heart of Trentino Alto Adige, along the 4 passes of the Sellaronda.

The Val di Fassa Bike or Rampilonga is organized every second Sunday in September for all lovers of cycling and mountain biking.

The Val di Fassa Bike winds along the paths that embrace the Moena basin:

Marathon: with a length of 64.2 km, a difference in height of 2760 meters and starting from Moena
Classic: 49 km long, 2106 m elevation gain and departure from Moena
Short: with a length of 33.4 km and an altitude difference of 957 meters starting from Moena