Ladin Carnival in Val di Fassa - the parade in Vigo di Fassa

The Carnival in Val di Fassa is one of the most evocative and popular events of the Ladin cultural tradition.

Carnival has always been an event that every year attracts many visitors, young and old revive the atmosphere and fun by renewing through the "mascherèdes", which find their origin in burlesque and teasing representations of characters belonging to the ancient everyday life of Fassa, and the artistic achievements of the "faceres", the wooden masks carved with extreme mastery by local sculptors.

Throughout the carnival period in Val di Fassa will be organized snow races with skis and sledges, parades of allegorical floats, theatrical performances, street parties ...

In Vigo di Fassa we are waiting for you on February 28th for Mardi Gras in Val di Fassa! Organized a parade with masked carnival floats through the town squares and streets, and the party will continue for all families and friends even in Piazza Massar with typical sweets and carnival fassana masks!