trattamenti e massaggi hotel cima dodici trentino vigo di fassa

Let yourself be pampered ....

When the massage becomes a unique experience during your stay in the mountains ...

A massage relaxes muscles, calms thoughts and teaches you to slow down. Give yourself a massage or a relaxing and soothing treatment in our wellness center. Discover all the massages offered below!

Face, Neck and Scalp Massage - duration 30 min - € 30.00
Particularly delicate massage, with a relaxing and soothing effect
Draining Massage - PARTIAL: duration 30 min - € 30.00 / TOTAL: duration 50 min - € 55.00
Particular massage technique that can help you dispose of excess water retention in the body
MioFasciale Massage (After Sports) - duration 50 min - € 65.00
Manual therapy technique that does not work on the muscles, but between the muscles (ie on the band that covers them); immediately brings immediate well-being thanks to the increased freedom of movement and a feeling of lightness
Sports massage - PARTIAL: duration 30 min - € 30.00 / TOTAL: duration 50 min - € 55.00
A particular type of massage performed on specific body regions in order to improve athletic performance
Aromatherapy massage - PARTIAL: duration 30 min - € 35.00 / TOTAL: duration 50 min - € 65.00
A holistic healing method that can act on physical, mental and spiritual processes through the use of essential oils
Swedish massage / Anti stress - PARTIAL: duration 30 min - € 35.00 / TOTAL: duration 50 min - € 55.00
Maximum effectiveness, ideal massage to combat stress, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue
Bamboo massage - duration 50 min - € 60.00
Ancient Chinese massage, with a firming and slimming action, improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, reduces cellulite, ideal after physical activity
Dorsalis massage - duration 50 min - € 65.00
Relieves tension in the back muscles and improves the dynamics of the spine. This special application confers wellness and Relaxation to the back subjected to stress and helps to preserve the correct posture
Californian massage - duration 60 min - € 70.00
Particularly relaxing massage that, thanks to the warm oil and enveloping movements, improves the skin's tone, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves muscle tension rediscovering an innate calmness
Cristi's Hot Stone Massage - 75 min duration - € 80.00
Ancient massage with warm oil and hot lava stones, it reduces muscle pain, reduces the sense of tiredness, gives softness and elasticity to the skin
Foot Massage - PARTIAL: duration 30 min - € 30.00 / TOTAL: duration 50 min - € 55.00
This is a particular massage technique that takes place entirely on the feet. In the plantar and dorsal area of ??the feet are reflections of specific points of our body, in fact, this practice relieves tension and common disorders, improves and gives balance to the mental and emotional sphere giving a pleasant feeling of relaxation