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Lake Carezza, in the heart of Trentino, just 18 minutes (12 km) from Vigo di Fassa, is always tinged with magnificent colors ...

Did you know that a beautiful legend is told here?
Legend has it that a splendid nymph lived here, with a unique beauty.

This nymph delighted passers-by who went up to the Passo di Costalunga with her song, but one day, even the sorcerer of Masaré heard her sing and fell in love with her. He tried to use all of her powers to conquer her, but without success.

Then the sorcerer asked the witch Langwerda for help, who advised him to disguise himself as a jewelry seller and to spread a rainbow from the Catinaccio to the Latemar, then go to Lake Carezza to attract the nymph and take her with him.

So the sorcerer stretched out the most beautiful rainbow ever seen between the two majestic mountains and went to the lake, but forgetting to disguise himself.

The nymph was amazed at the rainbow colored with precious gems. But she soon became aware of the sorcerer's presence and she plunged back into the lake and she disappeared!

The sorcerer, sad and resigned, tore the rainbow from the sky, destroying it and throwing it into the lake.

This is why Lake Carezza is also called Lake of the Rainbow (in Ladin Lech de l'ercaboan).

Regenerating for you who will be on holiday here, it will be a walk around Lake Carezza, to transform a relaxing day into a legendary adventure: a good opportunity to discover the secrets of the surrounding trees and woods, step by step to experience and discover many small stories and legends of the area.