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Val di Fassa summer

In summer as in winter, the Val di Fassa is a unique destination that will allow you to live unique and unforgettable experiences, together with the family.
Whether it's a visit to some museum or a picnic at high altitude in the mountains, or even a simple walk in the heart of Vigo di Fassa, around the Hotel Cima Dodici, there is really a lot to discover!

Carezza Lake

Unmissable destination of your excursions between the Dolomites and Trentino Alto Adige.

MTB itineraries

The Dolomites offer themselves to bicycle enthusiasts in all possible forms: from a family excursion to a trip to high altitude, from a day without a car to the Dolomite passes of the Sellaronda tour.

Excursions in Val di Fassa

Walking in the high mountains in the heart of Trentino Alto Adige and sleeping in silence among the peaks, breathing pure air and letting your gaze run into infinity.