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Vigo di Fassa: a small ancient village among the most beautiful in Italy

Val di Fassa, in the heart of the Dolomites, to be lived and loved forever.

It may be that we were born and raised here, the bond with our land is truly unique and sensational, but we realize that Vigo di Fassa and the Val di Fassa are so loved and appreciated also by the guests of the Cima Dodici hotel, both for those who return after several years, and for those who are "new tourists".

In addition to nature and sport, you will be able to get to know the Ladin culture in all its components: you will surely find yourself walking relaxed around Vigo di Fassa, recently called San Giovanni di Fassa or Sen Jan di Fassa: a charming village, a small jewel set in the valley, a path of history and tradition, a path of taste, flavors and aromas

And these scents evoke the taste of past times, of suggestive corners illuminated by the rising of the sun, to listen to the silence of the Dolomites, sounds and suggestions.